Interior Design & Planning

We specialize in interior designs, kitchen & bathroom remodels, home additions, in-house engineering & design for new construction.

As a full-service design, plan and build firm, John Webb Construction & Design can make any interior project a creative and collaborative endeavor. Interior improvements add value to your home — we help make yours smart, innovative and effective.

As the client, you help us determine what the right choice is for your lifestyle and property. John and his staff will take you through the entire process: initial design, planning, engineering, building, interior design and the finishing details of your new interior.

Innovative design, quality material choices, creative lighting and stunning architectural details are a staple of our custom interiors. From modern to traditional, JWC&D have designed, built and remodeled quite a few stunning, quality homes across Oregon and Washington.

Our team is equipped to design & build or remodel your home. We offer interior designs, exterior hardscapes, kitchen & bathroom remodels, home additions, in-house engineering & design for new construction. JWC&D is dedicated to creating living spaces that are responsive to our client’s aesthetic desires and functional objectives.

Our designs are centered around using timeless and distinctive materials that balance site development, energy conservation, substance and personality. Quality materials and layouts are an essential part of home improvement, remodeling or the building process. When we prepare our designs, we always include specific materials and renderings of what your home and space will look like.

Interior design in the Pacific Northwest takes careful thought due to the long seasons of dark, damp and dreary days. Colors that are cheerful yet relaxed are important. Natural light needs to be played upon to keep the room bright.

Our process is always a collaboration between you and our staff. We work hard to make sure your living spaces provide real comfort and are inviting to your guests.

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