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In 2020 John Webb and his team designed and built a magnificently efficient home in Coburg. In this post John introduces some of the major design elements: from the outdoor living space, the built in cabinetry, and other interior design choices. As an experienced Eugene Modern Home Builder, John offers great advice and points out things a lot of folks don’t consider.

This house is also all on one level. So, you roll into the house and there are no stairs to climb, except if you are going to the second floor. Even to the patio, everything just rolls in and out, one floor just meets another. If you are inside, you’re inside, and if you are outside, you’re outside, if you have the French Doors open it’s just seamless.

I always think of the lawn as the carpeting. The patio and the floor are the exact same thing – on the same level, they’re seamless. Just a little mop now and then, just hose them off, and you’re perfect.

This house here, I used a little bit different technique. I just didn’t put closets in that you open. Like the regular doors you walk through or doors that slide. I built all the casework in. The closets are all made so you could have hanging in them or put shelves in them, and they have brackets in them – it’s just like any other cabinet that you would have in the kitchen. They’re all big – the are 8 feet tall. I’ve got a wall of, I think, 12 feet by 8 feet tall, of cabinet space. It can all be adjusted for hanging, for shelving, or drawers.

The storage is just really well planned out in this place. You know, from the entry closet all the way up to the bedrooms, it’s ll built in. The garage even has an IKEA workbench built in, with extra storage built into it. Then there is the laundry. Honestly everything is seamless in this place on every level.

Honestly, someone could just move in here and drop a rug on the floor if they want it or not, or move their furniture in anywhere they want it. I mean, there is no right way to do it. You could even have your living room out on the patio if they wanted it, with a television out there for entertaining. There is a whole kitchen and barbecue area out there for entertaining, right there under the patio, which is all covered. You know, somebody could I they wanted to in the future, you know, close it in as a sun porch. They could even add heat in there easily. But at this point I kind of left everything open. Just because I wanted there to be the connection with all the landscaping and the beauty outside. So, the roof keeps you from getting wet since here in Oregon it rains quite a lot, even in the Summer.”

Written by Todd Zimmerman

Producer of the John Webbccast