Modern Kitchen Design – IKEA and Dendra Doors – Hatfield Project – Part 1

Eugene Modern Kitchen Designer

The John Webb Construction & Design team designed and built a record-breaking Modern French Farmhouse in 2020. Eugene New Home Builders in Eugene are expected to design energy efficient homes that last. With over 20 years as a modern home builder and Interior Designer, John has taken part in creating that standard.

During John Webb’s final walkthrough of the Hatfield project he talks about the custom IKEA Sektion Kitchen, Dendra Doors fronts on IKEA boxes, and the importance of streamlined storage in a modern kitchen design. The unique finish John came up with that is featured on the outer panels of kitchen island is a great example of John’s approach to style and function.

We have a door company that we call Dendra Doors where we make overlays and finishes for IKEA cabinetry. We have some of that in here, and then we did use some IKEA cabinets. All the cabinet bases themselves are IKEA and I have some Dendra overlays and IKEA overlays.

The Kitchen Island in here is all debris basically, that we repurposed and sandblasted. So these old 4x4s came out of a project. They might have been a deck, somebody’s deck years ago. So you can see the caveness and imperfections of everything. Let alone after I sandblasted everything it really gives it a lot of character.

Eugene Interior Designer

When I designed this island – it got a little bigger as time went on and after I got into the house – but I really like to utilize space. So we go all the way where everything where everything is built so you can roll it out. And storage of things where lets say your holiday stuff and stuff that you don’t use all the time. This is a great place to store stuff underneath here.

As I come in here to the kitchen the staircase is on the other side of this wall, so I utilized all of the space in here to tighten up the design. Here I basically took the IKEA bottoms and made them uppers. So I have a full depth – 24” deep cabinets and I had glass shelves made for them. So we honestly used all of the space underneath the stairs that’s awkward anyways for that. And then we altered the base cabinets to fit in here so we have the full two drawers built in all the way across.

So that’s basically a detail of just space planning to utilize as much space as possible instead of having a hunk of furniture in here taking up more square footage. So, what it does is let you move things around instead of being held hostage by your furniture, your storage is pretty streamlined.

Custom IKEA Kitchen Design

With the IKEA stuff, which I really love and I have for years, is that if we can’t buy it that way we just alter it any way we want. And, you know, we get what we want out of it – for the space or the size. If they don’t have a door that our client wants, we just make it. If we can’t buy it we make it anyway.

But, when you can get cabinetry with a drawer in a drawer, that’s just good utilization of your space. To diversify it really doesn’t matter what you have. You have pots and pans in one, lets say you even went with the 15” deep drawer, and lets say you had the drawer in drawer on top of that: with lets say all your lids in this and all your big pots and pans underneath it. It works the same way with Tupperware – it’s really cool. If you have the deep drawer you have your Tupperware in it, and then you have all your lids for it in the top. So honestly it streamlines your storage for the space you’re in.

IKEA comes up with the garbage can slide out. It works out great for the garbage can and the recycling storage. Everything is soft-close. I mean it’s streamlined as far as a home like this we have everything, every inch is used up. Look at this, this is all storage underneath this place.

Small Kitchen Design

The kitchen, when you look at the footprint of it it’s got a really nice sized island where you could lay a great buffet out. It’s kind of the centerpiece of the kitchen. And, it might not look like much, but this has got more storage in it than most any home that you would find on the market nowadays. Let alone all the drawers and tight spaces.

Here I utilized the deep drawers with drawers on top. So everything is built in. The storage is just incredible with what you can get away with. The pantry unit is here. So, if you were partying and having guests over this could be a great place to store extra food. This doubles for the same thing in here – if you need storage if you were entertaining. Let alone a great folding table. You’re setup here for hanging, when you’re hanging your shirts and whatever else. It kinda all goes together. I took X amount of square feet and I shrunk it up a little bit to utilize the space a little tighter.

Going back to Dendra Doors, we had the lighting built in. So, this is a Veneer Floating Shelf that Dendra Doors makes. This stuff, this again was stuff pulled out of the trash pile that we repurposed and then we dadoed the bottom out and we used lots of LED lighting. And, so in the evening this would be all that’s on. Even with the little LED strip look at how nice the lighting is in there.

Written by Todd Zimmerman

Producer of the John Webbccast