New Home Construction – Interior Design – Hatfield Project – Part 2

Eugene New Home Builder

John Webb has over 20 years experience as a Eugene New Home Builder. John has designed some of the most unique, energy efficient homes in Western Oregon. Though, it’s not just about that Energy Star rating. John enjoys the interior design and fine details – the things folks notice first.

During the final walkthrough of the Hatfield project John Webb gets more in depth about form and function of this unique design. For efficiency we of course see more drawers within drawers, reclaimed wood for Dendra Doors’ floating shelves and mirror frames, custom finishes on doors and reclaimed wood, IKEA quality for a well designed walk-in closet, and a vaulted ceiling in the Master Bedroom with tongue in groove throughout the home for real wood accents.

Eugene Bathroom Designer

Looks nice in here. So here’s the bathroom – I used a lot more of the Sektion cabinets in here. The storage underneath, I mean, nothing is going to get lost under there. You know, good drawers, drawers in drawers. It really lets you tighten the whole bathroom up with storage. These are IKEA cabinets, I popped the doors and glass out and we went with the same type of glass we went with in the rest of the house.

Open floating shelves from Dendra Doors. More woodworking from Dendra Doors – all the mirror frames in the house were wood that was left over from old jobs – some demo or something else. Some of these even have holes from where they were previously nailed that you can see. So we sandblasted it out and did the same type of finish of all the woodwork in the rest of the house.

So, here you have a little detail of the same finished wood across the whole house. This also is like all the doors – they call this wire brushed. It’s similar to sandblasted look but it’s a little more linear. We got all the softwood out of it and it’s got all the ridges so it’s got a really nice texture just like the sandblasted. Then it was stained similar to the same and then we put a nice clear coat finish over all of it. So this is just like a cabinet. It looks a little distressed looking but it’s just as nice as cabinetry.

Eugene Walk-In Closet Designer

This closet – I love closets – so this closet is not a large closet. But if you have a look in here there is a ton of storage in this closet. You have everything – this is all PAX that I put together and I altered the cabinets for that for all the built in drawers. This is out of the IKEA Kitchen department, this white counter, and this is Sektion up here. I kept the clear glass in it. I kept the clear glass in it just because if, you know, if somebody had sweaters they’d be able to see everything being up higher. Let a lone personal storage is cool to have in a closet. And then shoes. You’ve got lots of space for shoes.

And so you have nothing on the floors in here. It’s not a real big space, but you’ve got a lot of hanging and a lot of real good storage. Also if you ran out and this wasn’t enough you could just change your clothes with the seasons and when we go upstairs and you look at the storage I put up there you’ll understand how nice it is to have everything built in.

Well this room is really nice to the fact that the vaulted ceiling really made it very special. And then the same detail of the tongue and groove wood in here is in all the soffits in the house, the ceiling on the patio, the bathroom walls. I put some tongue and groove walls in there, it’s really a nice texture. It gives you that old world flavor of board and batten.”

New Home Designer – Built In Storage

Handrails – same thing: sandblasted details. Even the little tracks I found these online. All the woodworking is stained the same. The door was a learning experience. I tried a hunk of. After we got it all stained and done, the whole thing warped – we had to take it apart. We ended up putting two layers together and gluing it, and it kept everything nice and true. So it was two 3/4” pieces married together. Then we sandblasted it all and then we put it all back together.

This is stuff – these were pieces that were leftover from when we were doing the ceilings and soffits outside around the building. So, we used every piece of wood. Same thing here, we reused everything.

Going back to the storage and IKEA. This is honestly – I love this. This is one of the first times I built everything in. So, these are all PAX with a standard IKEA door which is wrapped, so you’re never going to paint it. It’s got soft closes on it. It enables you to do whatever you want inside of it.

So, this one here, I’m not into the whole house vacuums anymore. They’re cumbersome, they’ve got hoses.. Honestly it’s a big deal to have to take it all out, hook it all up, do your vacuuming, and put it all away. Here you can get a cordless in this day and age – I’ve got a plug built in the cabinet. You can get a cordless that are usually light, you can do all your vacuuming, hang it up and recharge it and put it away quickly. So, less hassle.

Eugene Interior Designer

If you know about the IKEA Pax cabinets, this could have all hanging in it, it can have all drawers in it, it could have whatever you want in it. So, lets just say the closet wasn’t big enough you could take a couple bays of this closet and store a lot of clothes in it. You could store all of your winter coats in here in the summertime and then, you know, do a switch. Downstairs I have three bays in the entry. Same thing with the vacuum setup with the plug in it downstairs. For coats and whatever else and shoes. So, again everything is more universal – things aren’t one way. You could have it anyway you want it. So the house is much more flexible that way.

Here’s a typical bedroom closet that we built in. Again, same IKEA PAX cabinets, this one here is with double hanging. You could have drawers in it. This one here I threw drawers in the middle of this one. And as you see they’re soft close. What you see is what you get here. They’re all planned in here. Continuous baseboard around everything. So they’re totally nicely built in storage around this home. Again, you can put your furniture wherever you want in here. You’re not stuck with anything, you don’t even need a dresser. You could have just a bed, nightstand, desk, armoire, anything that you personally want for beauty instead of something that you need for function to store your clothes in.

Eugene Bathroom Designer

The bathroom here was a lot of fun. I’ve done some of this before, so I had a few extra pieces of tile leftover. I bought some more tile and pieces to match. I utilize everything and my crew laughs that I don’t throw anything away. You know, it’s pretty nice to have and use every bit of things and not have to throwing them out.

This bathroom vanity is IKEA, Godmorgon. No, actually, this is a Hemnes dresser bottom. And like the others we made the mirror frame made from repurposed lumber and stained to match. We have a nice big walk in shower. And more IKEA Sektion cabinets for more storage.

This house, what’s different with this one is that you don’t have hall closets and closets. All the storage is very well planned – to be used, every bit of it. I see people’s closets that you just want to shut the doors – they throw everything in and they barely get the door shut. So, nowadays with our homes this is a pretty typical standard of finishes that we like to do. Again, same detail, same type of wood finish that we like to carry throughout the house, which is natural and timeless.”

Written by Todd Zimmerman

Producer of the John Webbccast