Hatfield Update – Landscaping Progress

Hatfield New Home Build - Landscape Design Front Yard GP 4 - Healthy Home Design
John walks us through the brilliant choices made to build character and privacy for the homeowner of the Hatfield project. From Trees to perennials, a lot of thought and hard work went into this design.

the Importance of Landscape Design

So my buddy Barbara and I, all of us was beat up this landscaper, all the landscaping here, which is, man, I'll never sell the landscaper short again. We have like 400 plants we put in and we brought, I'm guessing, at least 100 yards of really nice topsoil and dirt. And it was all done by hand. And then Tyler, our concrete guy, brought a lot of it in with his little walk behind tractor and skirted most got a lot of the elevations in. But my son John I think we saw it there earlier he his heads on placing all the rock and all the detail and he put all the bark mulch in carefully around all the plants. And but I'm telling you: these are all young, but Man, in three years this front yard is going to be pretty private and just absolutely beautiful. 
The lawn will go in probably around the middle of the month. This landscaping wrapped all the way around this property. Every inch of it was done. The only part we done, we left a little meadow up in the top that I mentioned earlier. Somebody could do a garden or storage or whatever they want with it. We’ve got stepping stones around it, some pretty cool plants. It’s totally irrigated, where we put extra sprays on the trees just because they're new. 
Everything's got a place. And here, the master bathroom is, you know, out here. Back in the house. So the evenings we we have lighting that's out here. So this all gets lit at night and it goes inside the house. So it's all indirect. So it should be pretty sweet when it's when it's all lit up at night. 

Landscaping Adds Value & Comfort

Well, this is the type of house even the banker was here yesterday and she said that this is a, this is a custom house. I said, no, it's just, you know, a very thought out, thoughtful house. And, you know, some it can have many things done. Like I mentioned before, somebody could have another person live upstairs and not be a part of it. But I find a lot of my clients, as they get older, the worlds get a little bit things get a little bit smaller, they're not going to go in as much. And they end up using only two or three rooms in the house. And sometimes there might even be the kitchen and the dining room and the bedroom and it's because it's convenient. They're close. 
New Home Design - Hatfield - IKEA Master Bath GoPro Exterior View
But this house is made to use the living area in the bedroom, but it's in the patio. It's all one so it's, it's beautiful. It's made for beauty and light and, you know, a cool place to live is what it's about, you know. Let alone the investment. So that she was kind of I think she was a little taken aback when she saw the landscape be there. 

Creating Privacy & Character

And she loved the fence. Everybody loves the fence. Now they're probably going to make a bench that sits out here. So somebody you know, the garden means a lot, a lot of beautiful plants and stuff in here. But, you know, there's honestly room for people they want. They have ornamental things or plants that they absolutely love and different species. This is a great shaded garden most of the day. 
Hatfield New Home Build - Landscape Design Side Yard GP 3 - Healthy Home Design
So the hastas are going to do excellent out here and everything we planted is going to do really well. But, you know, there's room for some annuals and stuff like that every year for people to kind of put their own signature on things and brighten things up. But everything that we had put in is going to come back year after year after year and get bigger. Bigger and more lush. One day, these are going to be, you know,18 feet tall. You won't even see the house from the back anymore. So but as I tell you can walk all the way around this place. 
Well, this landscape is great. I tell you, my my friend Barb is the brilliant one here. And I could never have done all this and made it look as beautiful without her. And she's patient with me and she's taught me a lot. So that's it's kind of, it's kind of a new era of a new challenge of things that I'm going to do more of in the future. Everyone's working really hard on this place, so it's taken, you know, an army of guys, you know, just putting different talents in here.
Landscape outback sweep. John walks us through the brilliant choices made to build character and privacy for the homeowner of the Hatfield project.
And, you know, from all the rock work, from the excavation to the landscaping to the foundation and all the floors and the siding and the roofing and the gutters and the electrical and the plumbing, heating and cooling. This is going to be really a pretty special place when it's all said and done. 
Compiled by Todd Zimmerman
Producer of the John Webbccast