Fair Oaks – Modern Home Additions

John Webb Construction & Design are a renowned Eugene Design/Build Firm known for building and remodeling some of the most beautiful homes in the Pacific Northwest. The Fair Oaks Project is an extensive Full Home Remodel in Eugene that includes several additions. Here John starts off by describing his plan to expand the garage for the homeowner’s lifestyle needs.

Expanding the Garage

So the previous owners and designers did a really nice job on the remodel that was done in probably 2000. They enhanced things pretty nicely. We are just taking it to the next step. I mean, the garage isn’t big enough – he’s got a boat that he takes out and drops in the river to go fishing. All the sporting goods get pulled in here, so basically we’ll have a place to park a care and store all the sporting goods for all the kids. And this is where they all enter the house anyways. So, they end up here and head on in.

Fair Oaks Remodel and Home Addition Drone Aerial 3
Fair Oaks Drone Front 4 Remodel and Garage Addition Progress

Home Addition – Master Bedroom and Gym

The New Addition is coming out here – just to the left of the Bay Window. The Master Bedroom is upstairs and this is the old living room. So, this will come out 20 to 22 feet, and up, and it will tie into the house, like it was always here. So, there will be a porch underneath and a spiral staircase up to the Master Bedroom. At the bottom is going to be a new Gym with glass on two sides, and the top will be the new Master Bedroom.

Fair Oaks Before - Master Bedroom redesign and Home Addition 1
Fair Oaks Before - Original Master Bath - Master Bath redesign

And, we’re going to take the existing Master Bedroom and make it a Walk-in Closet. So it will house a lot of clothes and a lot of stuff. And then we’re going to gut the whole Master Bathroom and Closet and redo it. Something a bit more timeless, not so traditional. It will still have the feel of it, it will look like it belongs here, but it’s not going to be so 50 year old looking traditional.

Play Structure Design

I’ve got to design a structure for that corner, for the kids. And he says he wants a rock climbing wall – 20 feet tall – and he doesn’t care about safety nets or anything. He says if they’re gonna fall they’re going to learn to hold on. Anyways, I’ll design something that’s a little safer for the younger ones for the time being. It will be a cool play structure over there. We did another one on another project and the kids use it all the time. They were this big and now they’re nine and ten, and you know, they still love it. It’s pretty cool.

Fair Oaks Drone Back 6 Remodel and Master Bedroom Addition Progress
Fair Oaks Drone Back 5 Remodel and Master Bedroom Addition Progress

Old Entryway – Sun Porch Addition

So here’s the old front entry that we were talking about. I’m basically closing this in to be like a glass porch. So the kids will have another entrance. I’ll make the entrance off this way, so the kids can still run out in the yard and probably get around the house. So you just don’t have to come in one way, you can come in more and still be in the yard. So this will be glassed in like a sunroom. Mostly it’s to receive packages and the overflow of the kid’s things when they come in. Skateboards can land in here if they’re out in the neighborhood, or shoes and skates, and whatever else they’re running in the house for.

Master Bedroom Remodel and Addition

So here is where we enter the Master Bedroom now. You know it’s an adequate room for the day it was built. I think the home was built in 1968. So, it’s an adequate size that you would see in the neighborhood for a family home. Nothing big, nothing over the top or anything, it’s just very basic. And this will be the walk-in closet. And the entry to the new bedroom will be straight ahead and you’ll go into a very nice big room with vaulted ceilings and probably a beautiful chandelier in there. I think I’m going to give it some nice tilt & turn windows and some very nice finishes.

Fair Oaks Remodel and Home Additions 3D Rendering Exterior Back
Fair Oaks Remodel and Home Additions 3D Rendering Exterior Front

Master Bedroom Addition Design

There were a couple design elements that were kind of funny in this place. Being on sight you see, privacy is a big thing, and you know the Master Bedroom up here with windows on it, you’re in a fishbowl. If you look there’s the road right there. So, we have the spiral staircase going down to the Gym from the Master. So, it was honestly a good opportunity to leave it open on this side and this side and put the enclosure where the spiral staircase goes down to the Gym in the corner. So, when you’re in your room you don’t see the street anymore and the street doesn’t see into the house anymore. But, they still have the access to watch the family on the kid’s play structure or out in the pool area entertaining.

Bedroom Design

Fair Oaks Remodel and Home Addition Drone Aerial 2
Fair Oaks Before - Walk-in Closet - Master Bath redesign

So I’m going to do a lot of recessed lighting. You know a lot of stuff up here will be a lot of LED I’ll be switching over to. But, the upstairs now will have the new Master Addition and we’ll keep the other three bedrooms. And as the family grows they can go down, we’ll give them an extra room down there depending on how many children they have, you know, when it’s all said and done. Then the new addition that’s over the garage, we have another whole area that’s over there. So, I guess with age they can all play musical rooms.

Guest Wing Addition

The eldest boy, if he was still home and they still needed the extra room, if they had a younger one, he could move up into the, kind of his own space up there, in the guest wing. And honestly the guest wing is pretty nice for if they’re going to school locally. Or if they’re living at home when they get older. It’s still kind of detached from the house, but still part of the house.

Fair Oaks Drone Front 6 Garage Addition May 1
Fair Oaks Drone Front 6 Garage Addition Progress October

Redesign Family Bedrooms

All the rooms are adequately constructed and designed, so all I’m doing is just repainting them like the rest of the house. So it’ll be all nice and fresh. I’m putting in heating, a very efficient heating and cooling system in it.

You will now see the other building will be a high as this, across from that. So, you won’t see the other houses any more.

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Written by Todd Zimmerman

Producer of the John Webbccast