Fair Oaks Home Additions Update Pt 1

John Webb walks us through the progress of this home remodel & home additions project his design/build firm is working on in Eugene. Coordinating subcontractors, crews, and materials can be a juggling act, but it all comes together.

Home Addition Update

So this week we accomplished getting this all finished up or nailed off and dried in. We ordered the roof so we’ll get the roof on next week. And, I’ll get it inspected and then these windows and this whole section will all be finished. So it’s ready to go. And, If you look in the living room, all the trim been cut for the windows. And it’s all cedar. Because cedar holds up for years while this new stuff doesn’t hold up is good. So anyway, it’ll be primed completely on all sides and ready to go.

Fair Oaks Project New Addition Progress 1

Framing and Trusses

The framing package is all here. So now all the framing is done for the floors. So next week all the walls go up and then the week after all the trusses come on here. So this section is going to get buttoned up here before you know it. And then they’re on the siding. I’ll have another couple of the guys just working on this side of the house finishing up.

Remodel and Home Additions - Fair Oaks Truss Delivery 2

So we should be moving along pretty good. I’m guessing that we’ll be having the electricians and plumbers here, I would say April. It should have all the electrical and plumbing, all the rough in done. All the roofing should be done by then. And the siding should be on its way. So we’re moving along pretty quickly.

Remodel and Home Additions - Fair Oaks Truss Delivery 1

Heat Pump Placement

He’s still got to pour the front. Which I was waiting to get the building up so I can attach the roof well. And so I attach the section that the heat pump sits on so that it doesn’t vibrate. So you don’t hear it downstairs. It will hang, you know, across from wall to wall, and then we’ll pat it. And so when the heating and cooling comes on upstairs, you won’t be hear it in any other part of the house.

Fair Oaks Project New Addition Progress 2

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Written by Todd Zimmerman

Producer of the John Webbccast

Fair Oaks Home Addition New Roof 1