Fair Oaks Full Home Remodel

Full Home Remodel Eugene Oregon

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Fair Oaks Home Remodel Project Outline

John Webb Construction & Design have started a Full Home Remodel on Fair Oaks in Eugene. This remodel is pretty extensive with a Master Bedroom and Gym addition at one end of the house and a Guest Wing Addition at the other.

This home, built around 1968, is already amazing, and had a thoughtful remodel done around 2000. The new owners love the place, but it doesn’t quite fit the size and lifestyle of the family. So, John is adding some modern flair, more square footage, room for the kids to play and grow, quiet offices for both parents to work and workout, and room for family and friends. In this post John Webb walks us through the scope of this project and what he has in mind for the finished look.

Exterior Remodel and Entryway Addition

You see the house, so it was built in 1968, and this is one of the best neighborhoods in town. So, I’m going to, I’m kinda planning on repurposing everything here. Some things here, the materials are past their lifetime. The siding up on top is old, brittle, and bubbles up, and it doesn’t hold paint right anymore. The styling of the house is very traditional. I’m going to keep that traditional flair on this home, but I’m redirecting the house. I’m going to close the entry over there into a sun porch kind of thing and I’ll build in a locking dropbox for Amazon and other deliveries and stuff.

The new entry will have you coming in here, about twelve foot by twelve foot, and it’s about twelve feet tall. So, it’ll be a pretty tall entryway. The garage comes out sixteen feet, so we’re adding another garage bay. And I’m putting a whole new floor over the top of this. So, the new entry will come in the side, they’ll have a staircase that goes up into the new one, that will be opened up into a double something that slides or pocket doors that separate the entry from it.

Landscaping and Exterior Remodel Finishes

So we are kind of redirecting everything. We’re going to level the yard out all the way around, The new entry will be a little fancier, all new landscaping, new water features, everything. The outside, I’ll be keeping some things, but you know I will be changing the mood. It’ll be a lighter colored home. Instead of black shudders it will be sandblasted and walnut colored. And the trim detail will be walnut colored and it will have Galvalume gutters on the whole thing. And a Galvalume steel roof over the Entryway, a shed roof. But the rest of the house will kind of look like it does. Just a bit more Hip, better finishes, and more timeless stuff added. I’m going to put another addition in the back also.

Everyone in the neighborhood, I can see, is interested in what’s happening. Honestly we’ve removed some big trees and some landscaping that’s been here for a lot of years. But, things were in bad condition and dying, etc.

Interior Remodel Overview

This will be a fun project. The interior of the house I’m leaving pretty much intact. We’re just enhancing things and changing a few finishes. W’re adding a Gym, extending the Master Bedroom and making a big Walk-in Closet. And redoing the Master Bathroom. And, we’ll be repurposing some stuff on the inside and some spaces. Just to suite the family – they’re going to be here at least twenty years, maybe longer.

But, I’m guessing at least twenty years. That will get the kids all grown up and out of school and off doing whatever they’re doing. But it’s a good central location. I mean, you have got the shopping that way, you’ve got the Golf Course, you’ve got the Country Club. Everything is kind of all in one spot and within walking distance. And, in this day and age it’s nice to not have to get in the car, so.

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Written by Todd Zimmerman

Producer of the John Webbccast