Transitional Bathroom Remodel

Quail Meadow Way
 · Eugene, OR

Build Area: BathroomBuild Type: Remodel Design Style: Transitional

This bathroom is for the kids! This small bathroom remodel puts a modern twist on a traditional design with painted wallpaper, marble flooring, wainscoting and crown molding. The vanity and mirrors from Pottery Barn complement the style perfectly while being easy on the budget.

Project: Quail Meadow Way
Project Year: 2011
Project Cost: $10,000 - $25,000
Location: Eugene, OR

Before Remodel

Here are some photos showing the original Bathroom, exactly as it was before the Remodel:

What our clients are saying:

“John Webb remodeled my home over 20 years ago and his thoughtful design and workmanship helped get top dollar for the home without having to upgrade anything.”

 Houzz Review · Debra G., Portland, OR( Feb 2016 )