Living Room Remodel

Metolius Dr·
Eugene, OR

Build Area: Living RoomBuild Type: Remodel

The original staircase for this home remodel was brought back to life with some tender love and care. The railing and stair treads are refinished and stained dark with rails and risers in a clean, soft white to create a bold, elegant look. The result is a striking centerpiece for this home.

Project: Metolius Dr
Project Year: 2016
Project Cost: $200,000 - $500,000
Location: Eugene, OR

Before Remodel

Photos showing the original Living Room, exactly as it was before the Remodel:

What our clients are saying:

“John's price wasn't the lowest, but the innovative approach and the quality of the work was flat out amazing.”

 Houzz Review · G. Tomas( Nov 2019 )