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John Webb Construction & Design is a full-service design and build contractor specializing in custom construction, remodeling and restoration for both home and light commercial projects. We are service-oriented and believe in creating working partnerships that leverage our professional knowledge and experience to serve your individual needs.


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Full-service build contractor providing custom design, construction and remodeling for home and commercial projects.

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Construction Project Timelines – 2023

What does 2023 have in store for Homeowners, Contractors, and the Construction Industry? As a Design/Build Firm with decades of experience designing, building and remodeling homes in the Pacific Northwest we have navigated some wild changes and crazy trends over the years. Here we discuss how construction timelines have changed and how that impacts Contractors and Homeowners alike. With quite a bit of momentum carrying us all into the new year we find ourselves learning and adapting like a seasoned boxer, improv comedian, or jam band guitarist. A year ago we were thinking things might be on their way to normalizing and in some sense they actually are. Though, it looks like keeping on our toes is part of that new normal.

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New Home Construction – Master Bathroom & Design

John Webb enjoyed all the design details he worked in throughout the Hatfield Project. From creating an in-home spa to the heated floors, to the elegant lighting coupled with natural sunlight, it turned out beautifully. John walks us through how he made these decisions and the overall appeal and charm they provide.

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Remodel and Design – Quality Appliances

When planning a Home Renovation choosing the right Appliances can be a bigger deal than a lot of people realize. Sure, you want them to look good and have great features, but you also need them to last. Figuring out which brands and models will last can sometimes be a bit of a gamble. It’s a good idea to listen to the advice of the specialists when it comes to reliability and ease of repair.

John Webb of John Webb Construction & Design has been designing new homes as well as remodels in Oregon & Washington, for over 20 years. This full home remodel with Master Bedroom and Guest Wing Additions, is a great example of his knack for practical design and beautiful finishes. At this stage in the project he is going over the foundation of the redesign, taking stock of the existing appliances and determining whether or not to encourage the owner to keep them.

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Fair Oaks Project – Eugene Home Additions

John Webb Construction & Design are a renowned Eugene Design/Build Firm known for building and remodeling some of the most beautiful homes in the Pacific Northwest. The Fair Oaks Project is an extensive Full Home Remodel in Eugene that includes several additions. Here John starts off by describing his plan to expand the garage for the homeowner’s lifestyle needs.

So the previous owners and designers did a really nice job on the remodel that was done in probably 2000. They enhanced things pretty nicely. We are just taking it to the next step. I mean, the garage isn’t big enough – he’s got a boat that he takes out and drops in the river to go fishing.

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Fair Oaks Full Home Remodel – Project Outline

John Webb Construction & Design have started a Full Home Remodel on Fair Oaks in Eugene. This remodel is pretty extensive with a Master Bedroom and Gym addition at one end of the house and a Guest Wing Addition at the other. This home, built around 1968, is already amazing, and had a thoughtful remodel done around 2000. The new owners love the place, but it doesn’t quite fit the size and lifestyle of the family. So, John is adding some modern flair, more square footage, room for the kids to play and grow, quiet offices for both parents to work and workout, and room for family and friends. In this post John Webb walks us through the scope of this project and what he has in mind for the finished look.

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New Home Construction – Hatfield Project – New Home Designer

In 2020 John Webb and his team designed and built a magnificently efficient home in Coburg. In this post John introduces some of the major design elements: from the outdoor living space, the built in cabinetry, and other interior design choices. As an experienced Eugene Modern Home Builder, John offers great advice and points out things a lot of folks don’t consider.

“This house is also all on one level. So, you roll into the house and there are no stairs to climb, except if you are going to the second floor. Even to the patio, everything just rolls in and out, one floor just meets another. If you are inside, you’re inside, and if you are outside, you’re outside, if you have the French Doors open it’s just seamless.

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Eugene Modern Home Builder – Hatfield – Healthy Home Design

The Hatfield home was started with a post-tension, radiant heat foundation. That means it has warm, polished concrete floor that might crack, but will never separate. That means no water seepage or pests getting in the home through the floor. On top of the superior radiant heat system, with HVAC for the second floor, this homes features an HRV system. The Heat Recovery Ventilation system is to filter out dust and germs and bring air in at-temp for full comfort, maintaining a truly healthy home. In this post John talks a bit about his New Home Construction Design process. As a new home builder in Eugene he doesn’t take on just any project. John builds modern, healthy new homes that with energy efficient designs from the ground up.

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New Home Build – Hatfield Project Introduction

John Webb introduces the New Home he and his team are building on Hatfield Street in Coburg. John has been designing and building Energy Efficient Homes in the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years. So, why would he choose such an oddball lot? John explains why, as a New Home Builder he loves the challenge of odd shaped lots and the opportunities they provide. In this post John covers challenges municipalities present, his plans for landscaping and Interior Design. From the ground up this is one of the more beautiful, energy efficient, and comfortable homes in Lane County. “Welcome to the new project here in Coburg, here on Hatfield Street. We’ve designed and built a home that is kind of lending more towards a French Country look on the outside. It has lots of rock work. And, the inside is a little bit more contemporary. It’s kind of an old world feel with solid wood panel doors and woodworking in the house…”

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New Home Construction – Interior Design – Hatfield Project – Part 2

John Webb has over 20 years experience as a Eugene New Home Builder. John has designed some of the most unique, energy efficient homes in Western Oregon. Though, it’s not just about that Energy Star rating. John enjoys the interior design and fine details – the things folks notice first. During the final walkthrough of the Hatfield project John Webb gets more in depth about form and function of this unique design. For efficiency we of course see more drawers within drawers, reclaimed wood for Dendra Doors’ floating shelves and mirror frames, custom finishes on doors and reclaimed wood, IKEA quality for a well designed walk-in closet, and a vaulted ceiling in the Master Bedroom with tongue in groove throughout the home for real wood accents.

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